Our LiveCourses span a wide range of topics. Each course has been meticulously developed by experts to make the subjects fun and interesting.  The result is a unique combination of high quality curated material delivered by passionate teachers. The courses are taught in a  collaborative and engaging learning environment that inspires creative thinking. Our small class sizes and global student mix add a whole new dimension to the learning experience.

A Global Learning Experience

It is no secret that students learn well by talking to their peers. Group work and group assignments have always been the standard to practice the skill of learning from one’s peers. Having the chance to interact with peers from all over the world gives an added benefit to students taking our courses.

Global learning is not a new idea; however, we have perfected it in a way that allows students to interact with other students from all over the world from the comfort of their own home. No more long international flights or confusing student exchanges.

Group discussions, group assignments, and group thinking in general becomes much more affective when people from all over the world with different views come together. Our courses are brought together in a way that encourages global participations and peer learning with students all over the world.

Mental Math

How to do Math with Your Mind

Who needs a calculator or a pencil and paper, when you can do Mental Math? Learn tricks and tips to calculate basic operations in your head and amaze your friends.

Coding with Minecraft

Learn the Digital Language of the Computer

Do you like video games? In this course you will learn the basics of coding and then put those skills to the test building your very own video game.


Learn to Master to Age Old Game of Chess

Learn this two-player game of skill, strategy, and the joy of saying “checkmate!” You’ll never go back to checkers again!

Stories Around the World

Read and Analyze Stories from Around the World

Get your passport ready – or maybe your magic carpet – to travel the world through stories and legends.

There is More to Come!

We are always exploring new ideas for courses that will spark the joy of learning in young minds. If you or your child are interested in any specific topics please let us know by filling out this form.