Personal Tutoring

Personal tutoring provides the opportunity to strengthen, deepen, and speed-up learning. By assessing and identifying learning gaps, our expert teachers are able to tailor a learning plan specific to each student. It is this tailored plan that provides significant progress in a short period of time.

Personal Tutoring Programs

When considering personal tutoring there are three key age groups. Elementary, middle, and high school groups all have special educational areas and methods that should be focused on. Our programs are separated so that each age group can get help that is relative to them. 

Elementary level students need to explore. They need to experience new things and find out how things work. Our elementary level personal tutoring program helps students explore the topics that will help them to later build their education foundation.

Middle school age level is all about developing a strong foundation of key concepts. It is important that key concepts are introduced and then reinforced to ensure a true understanding. 

High school age level is about building on a foundation and investigating interests. High school students are starting to think about career goals and what skills they will need for the future. We can identify a personalized plan that helps lead students to the right goal.

Elementary Tutoring

Learning Through Exploration

Exploration is the key to early learning. This program can help lead your explorations in the right direction.

  • US $55/ per hour
  • Package of 10 sessions: US$500
  • Package of 20 sessions: US$900

*An additional registration charge of US $50 is charged to every new tutoring package.

Middle School Tutoring

Building a Solid Foundation

A solid foundation helps pave the way for any education journey. This programs helps ensure that solid foundation is being built properly.

  • US $65 per hour
  • Package of 10 sessions: US $600
  • Package of 20 sessions US $1000
 *An additional registration charge of US $50 is charged to every new tutoring package.

High School Tutoring

Advancing Knowledge of Fundamentals

A solid foundation is the perfect thing to build upon. This program is designed to build on foundational knowledge through senior subjects.

  • US $75 per hours
  • Package of 10 sessions: US $650
  • Package of 20 sessions: US $1100
*An additional registration charge of US $50 is charged to every new tutoring package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Personal Tutoring program is unique. Our tutors have expert knowledge in specific areas, teaching ability and training. Our video conferencing on Zoom allows us to combine skilled instruction with content tools curated by our team to provide expert instruction on Zoom to get results.

You will know tutoring is helping by seeing the progress your child is making and the confidence that has been built through success in learning. Our distinctive method with our tutors provides your child with skills to improve in areas that need focused attention, master new concepts, improve study habits, prepare for critical assessments, and become more confident and academically successful.

At the present time, Lantern Academy provides one-to-one tutoring and one-to-two tutoring. In one-to-two tutoring, there is one tutor and two students. This allows the session to be more conducive to learning. This social aspect of learning keeps them motivated.

Currently we offer tutoring in math and english language arts.

Yes, we do. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

Tutoring sessions are generally determined by how intense the instruction is needed for your child to improve within a given time frame. However, Lantern Academy works with the family to make these decisions.

Lantern Academy does not offer drop-in Tutoring; however, we offer drop-in Homework Club which can help your child with study habits and some homework support. Please see our Homework Club packages.

Our Tutors will be happy to receive information from the school/teacher that helps inform our Tutoring sessions to be student-specific and more personalized to the student needs.

Once you sign up, we will send you a link to help you schedule your tutoring sessions according to your needs. If you need more help, contact our operations team at

The same Tutor will be scheduled every time because we believe in building learning relationships to make your child comfortable and ready to learn, however in exceptions we will have a back-up Tutor available.