Children growing up today live in a world of unlimited access to information and knowledge. In this new world, success no longer depends on the amount of information and knowledge acquired during education. Instead, success increasingly depends on making informed choices and developing high quality ideas.

An engaging learning environment is essential to developing both these abilities. Our programs deliver a highly engaging learning environment through a unique combination of great teachers, curated high quality content and proprietary technology.

Complete Learning Experience

A high level of engagement has been proven to be associated with successful learning outcomes and an enjoyable student experience. We want our students to be eager to attend our programs. We measure ourselves constantly on our ability to keep students engaged while in class and their desire to continue. Across our programs, including Homework Club, Tutoring, Courses and Personalized Learning, our three pillars of success are our teachers, content and technology.

Our Teachers have been carefully identified for their talent and ability to be engaging and effective in an online classroom environment. In addition, we continuously train and develop our teachers to adopt new and creative methods to deliver a joyful and effective learning experience.

Our Content Research Team constantly evaluate material online for their high quality and relevance. In addition, we look for material that can demonstrate concepts and put them in real world context. All of this material is then licensed and curated into our programs to provide a rich and comprehensive content library for our teachers.

Our Technology is customized to add to our great teaching and curated content to deliver a complete learning experience. Our leadership team comes with deep experience in and a passion for technology. We leverage this constantly to identify and build our technology infrastructure with the latest and the best tools in the market. This proprietary infrastructure enables us to pull together our teachers and our content across all our programs into a unified, consistent and joyful learning experience.

Our Programs

Homework Club

Develop good study habits for life

Homework Club helps students develop consistent study habits and strengthen the idea that practice makes perfect
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages offer a variety of solutions to help students get the most out of their education at school
  • Packages start from $199
  • Expert monitoring and personal guidance
  • 4 students to one teacher
  • Periodic assessments to identify learning gaps
  • Tutoring sessions to address learning gaps
  • Practice and worksheets provided by our teachers
  • Drop-in at your convenience

Personal Tutoring

Accelerate your Learning


Our Tutoring Program is aimed at students who need to address specific situations like an upcoming test or accelerate their learning to address learning gaps. We begin with an assessment and develop a tailored plan for each student.
  • Rates start from $55 per hour
  • Expert monitoring and personal guidance
  • 2 students to one teacher
  • 10-hour and 20-hour lesson packs at discounted rates
  • Practice and worksheets provided by our teachers if needed
  • Highly qualified expert teachers trained to engage in an online environment

Group Courses

Learn Beyond School

Our courses are designed to expand the horizons of young students. We choose topics that stimulate their curiosity and explore new worlds. Every course has been developed with clearly defined learning outcomes. The teaching, the material and the classroom environment come together to deliver the learning outcome for every student.

  • Each course runs for 4 months
  • 3 Sessions per week
  • Starting from $2000 per course
  • Premium digital content presented by experienced and passionate teachers
  • Engaging format designed for student engagement
  • 12 students per class
  • Carefully curated classes with students from around the world

Personalized Learning

Discover your Passion

Every student learns differently. Our Personalized Learning Program is a uniquely tailored combination of our Courses, Tutoring and Homework Club aimed at achieving the learning goals at pace. This program is ideal for home schoolers and for parents and students who wish to step outside the boundaries of the traditional schooling system and build a unique and personalized learning journey.

Our unique program is designed to achieve the required progress in the prescribed curriculum with just 8-20 hours per week