Our PersonalTutoring program is aimed at students who will benefit from extra help to gain confidence and succeed in their learning. In this program, we begin by identifying the student’s learning gaps and then work to strengthen and deepen foundational concepts. 

Our lessons are designed to make learning enjoyable, sequential, and successful. Our goal is to provide a learning experience that increases self-esteem and overall academic achievement for each student. PersonalTutoring transforms the student’s attitude toward the subject matter and the student gains confidence in learning.  We build this confidence in learning by strengthening the foundation which, in turn, helps students to problem solve and think creatively.

PersonalTutoring Programs


GradeSessions per weekPrice per hour

Minimum Commitment – 4 hours

One time assessment fee – $95 

Flexible Scheduling

Small Group

GradeSessions per weekPrice per month

Minimum commitment – 6 months

Maximum students per group – 3

Free Assessment 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PersonalTutoring program is unique. Our tutors have expert knowledge in specific areas, teaching ability and training. Our video conferencing on Zoom allows us to combine skilled instruction with content tools curated by our team to provide expert instruction that gets results.

You will know tutoring is helping by seeing the progress your child is making and the confidence that has been built through success in learning. Our distinctive method with our tutors provides your child with skills to improve in areas that need focused attention, master new concepts, improve study habits, prepare for critical assessments, and become more confident and academically successful.

At the present time, Lantern Academy provides Individual and Small Group tutoring. In Individual tutoring, there is one tutor and your child. In Small Group tutoring, there is one tutor and up to 3 students. 

Currently we offer tutoring in Mathematics and English Langauge Arts.  However, Individual sessions can be in any subject needed.

Yes, we do. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

Once you sign up, a member of our team will help you schedule your tutoring sessions according to your needs. If you need more help, contact our Operations Team at

The same Tutor will be scheduled every time because we believe in building learning relationships to make your child comfortable and ready to learn.  However, in exceptions we will have a back-up Tutor available.