homework club

We are excited about our new program, the Homework Club for students in middle and high school. It’s a safe place designed to allow students to focus on studying and homework without any distractions.

What is the Homework Club

  • A smartphone free environment
  • Supervision & guidance by expert tutors
  • Scheduled periodic video lessons on grade level topics
  • Exam preparation &  coaching
  • Webinars on building good study habits

Why should students join the Homework Club

  • A suitable environment without distractions helps students complete their work faster
  • Our no-phones policy means students can focus on their work and not be distracted by video games or social media
  • Freedom from stress and anxiety at home that occurs when students resist doing homework or when parents are unable to guide them

Benefits of the Homework Club

  • Completed homework assignments lead to higher motivation in school and better grades
  • They learn to manage their time and learn to work independently
  • Quality time at home with your family
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