From arithmetic concepts to algebra and geometry to probability, statistics and calculus- we have you covered. We love math. Let us show you how easy it is to understand and be a math star performer!

Intro to math

Advanced Math

Fundamentals of math

Mastery in Math

Intermediate math

Math Competitions


Science prepares us for the future. From food production to health science to building cars, aeroplanes and rockets, science is all around us. Having a strong foundation in science will help our students become lifelong learners, asking why and how things work.

Essential science

Principles of chemistry

Intermediate science

Basics of biology

Basic concepts in physics

In today’s connected world, learning coding has become essential for kids. From smartphone and computers to banking and shopping and even controlling our homes’ thermostat, lighting and security systems, everything operates through computer programs. By learning how to code, children will understand the world around us and be able to manage it confidently.

Programming 1.0

Programming 2.0

Programming 3.0

Apply concepts from math, science and engineering to design, build and operate autonomous robots. Learn how to take them apart, put them together and finally design, create and program a simple autonomous robot

Introduction to robotics, theory and practical

Design and build autonomous robots using arduino

Advanced robotics including actuators, and programming movement


Did you know learning and playing chess helps kids learn essential life skills?
– They learn critical and strategic thinking as they plan moves in advance and try to predict their opponent’s moves
– They learn decision making skills which transfers to real life
– They learn to analyse, anticipate and plan ahead
Studies have been conducted to show that playing chess boosts grades, raises IQ level and enhances memory.
Need we say more? Sign up your child today for a chess lesson

Chess 1.0

Chess 2.0

CHess 3.0

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